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50.16% Of CA-Solar Material Uses Domestic Products


The Domestic Component Level (TKDN) is the amount of the domestic component in goods, services and a combination of goods and services. CA-Solar from PT. Environeer has a TKDN value of 50.16% for the Solar Profile, Mid Clamp, End Clamp, Foot Bracket specifications. The presence of CA-Solar with a TKDN value above 40% can make it easier for developers and B2B business people to apply renewable clean energy in the form of solar panels in the projects they are running.

Happy New Year 2023!


Happy New Year 2023! CA-Solar has been present in Indonesia since 2016 as a provider of Solar Panel Mounting System. In the last 6 years we have provided solar mounting facilities and solar profiles for solar power plants or even for home uses. Our presence in supporting the development of solar energy projects will continue to grow and develop in 2023.