Blog Everything You Need to Know About Pole-Mounted Solar Panels

Everything You Need to Know About Pole-Mounted Solar Panels

Everything You Need to Know About Pole-Mounted Solar Panels

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are devices that converts sun light into electricity using physical and chemical phenomenon. Solar energy are renewable energy and this is why solar panels are widely used by not only industrial facilities but also housing complex. Solar panels can be mounted literally everywhere with the right mounting system. This article will discuss about how solar panels are mounted onto poles and what benefits do they offer.

What Are Pole-Mounted Solar Panels And How Do They Work?

Solar panels can be mounted onto poles and this type of mounting offers unique benefits compared to other type of surface mounting like walls, roof or ground. Pole-mounted solar panels work by attaching some solar panels onto the top of pole-like structure such as traffic lights, street lamps, park lamps, or even an independent pole that is built specifically to mount solar panels.

Solar panels are mounted onto top of a pole by using a bracket that holds the solar panels together. The pole usually holds the center part of the bracket. Several mechanism, either manual or automatic mechanism, can be implemented to increase the solar panels efficiency throughout the day.

The Benefits Of Mounting Solar Panels On Poles

Lack of space is one of the reason why people would mount their solar panels on top of poles. Street lamps for example have a very limited space to use to mount a solar panel. This is because street lamps are usually placed on street sides and there sometimes a rule that manage a safe distance between lamp poles and the drive-able area of the street. There’s typically no horizontal space left for solar panels so that is why we use vastly available vertical space on top of the poles.

Security is also one benefit why solar panels are mounted on top of poles or roof. The extra height gives an extra safe distance to mitigate any intruder that would try to damage or steal your solar panels. This mounting system would give extra access restriction unlike ground mounted solar panels that could be accessible and visible by outsiders if not managed properly.

The most important benefit of mounting a solar panel on top of pole is that it gives you optimal height to that in turn gives you optimal efficiency of your solar panels. Not only that, an automatic or manual mechanism may be put in place to rotate solar panels. This way you would get the maximum amount of electricity while also optimizing your ROI.