CA-Solar is a modular and simple installation systems for solar panel mounting that are deesigned to best fit Indonesia environment. CA-Solar also has other line-up of products called Connect Automation which also provides a wider range of parts. This makes CA-Solar has the most extensive product line-up so much so that customers don't have to worry about finding mounting parts to install solar panel frame.

Flat Roof Mounted

Flat Or Tilted Roof

Installing solar panel on a roof is highly recommended because you wouldn't need any additional space to install it on, and the elevated point of the roof also optimize solar panels duration of exposure to the sun at daylight.

Ground Mounted

Ground Install

Installing solar panel right on the ground is recommended when there just a few rooftops around or aren't compatible for solar panel installation. Using a modular and simple products, CA-Solar reduced the complexity level and install duration. Requires minimum structural frame/

Pole Mounted


Solar panel can be installed on top of poles or tall structures. This is usually done when the solar panel is only needed to power few devices around it and there is no other place in the vicinity that can support solar panel installation. Security can be one of the reason to install solar panel on top of a pole.


CA-Solar provide parts to install mounting frame for solar panel. Although CA-Solar doesn't supply the solar panels (just the mounting parts), due to the modularity characteristics of CA-Solar products, CA-Solar products can be used for any type and sizes of solar panels, a different length, width and thickness is supported by CA-Solar products.

CA-Solar products have a high scalability level, once again thanks to its modular characteristics. This also means that the existing solar panel mounting frame can be easily expanded by joining existing Solar Profiles with a new Solar Profile using a Joint Bar. Modular characteristics of CA-Solar products enables solar panel mounting to be installed on varieties of spots depending on needs and surrounding environment.


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PT. Environeer guarantees to "Buyer" that "Products" used at the original installation site are free from defects for both material or process as long as ten (10) years, except for final anodised layer, which the final anodised layer will be free of visible peeling, crack or calcification under the normal atmospheric condition as long as five (5) years, counted from whichever earliest between date of finished product installation, or 30 days after product purchase by the original buyer as "Finish Warranty"

Finish Warranty doesn't apply when additional foreign finish is added on top of the final Product finish. All installations under corrosive atmospher condition isn't warrantied. Finish Warranty is voided if practices mentioned under AAMA 609 & 610-02 - "Cleaning and Maintenance of Aluminium Frame Finish" (www.aamanet.org) aren't followed by Buyer. This warranty does not protect product damages occured during shipping, storage or installation.

This warranty will be voided if Products have been modified, repaired, or remade by ways not previously approved by PT. Environeer in writing, or if Products are installed not in the same environment with the original environment which is the base of the Buyer design. PT. Environeer isn't responsible for all consequential, contingency or incidental damages from Product usage by Buyer under any conditions.

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