Blog Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Solar Panel Location

Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Solar Panel Location

Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Solar Panel Location

Using solar panel is one of many ways to convert renewables energy into electricity and use them in our everyday appliances. We can use solar panels everywhere we want from storage space, houses, offices and even skyscrapers. Aside from where we can use solar panels, the solar cell itself have various material types that offer different advantages.

There are many factors that you need to consider before using solar panels. This ranges from solar panel amount that you need, the space available for installation, the mounting system, which area you want to install solar panels on, and many more. In this article we will discuss the things you need to consider before you choose where your solar panels will be placed upon.


Some areas receive less sun throughout the day then some other areas. For example, you would receive more sun lights if you live in the desert compared to if you live in a metropolitan areas. In the desert the sun light would not get much obstruction compared to metropolitan areas which would have tall buildings, large trees, statues, and others.

We suggest to spend a day with average weather to check and mark which areas are covered by sun light and which are often covered by shadows. Of course, the best location to put your solar panels are where the sun hits consistently throughout the day.

Surface Condition, Material And Layout

You can install your solar panels basically anywhere with the right mounting system. Mounting systems and solar panels today are very durable which means that they can last years after the first installation. This would mean that you have to make sure that the surface you use to install your solar panels on should last longer than the solar panel itself. For example you can check your roof material condition to make sure they are still strong and in a great condition.

Orientation And Inclination

Solar panels can be adjusted to any direction you want. This includes it’s direction and inclination. You want to make sure that your solar panels are perpendicular to the sun throughout the day to optimize your ROI when using solar panels.

There are several mechanism in the market that lets you change the orientation and inclination of your solar panels. These mechanism allows you to adjust the solar panels direction and inclination to face the sun any time of the day. You can look for an automated system that rotates the direction of your solar panels without having you to do it.

Available Space

Whether you’re new to solar panels or you’re a veteran, you need to always consider the available space that you can use for installing solar panels. There are high quality solar panels out there that have the highest efficiency for you but of course they are usually come with the highest price as well. You might be able to optimize your expenses by using lower quality solar panels in bulk. With so many solar panels you would of course have to reserve a lot of space for it.

If you’re new to solar panels and you are still in the “trying out” phase, then you should also consider the available space. We guarantee that you are going to get hooked on using solar panels and after the “trying out” phase, you would want to expand to increase your solar panels quantity. If there’s no space reserved for this expansion, you would have to find some place else which might not be as efficient as the first spot.