Blog CA Solar At Expo Solartech Indonesia 2 Until 4 Of March 2023

CA Solar At Expo Solartech Indonesia 2 Until 4 Of March 2023

CA Solar At Expo Solartech Indonesia 2 Until 4 Of March 2023

CA-Solar joined Expo Solartech Indonesia 2023 which was held by Global Expo Management at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta on 2-4 March 2023. The Solartech Indonesia Exhibition is an international exhibition with the theme of solar power and photovoltaic technology. Brought in many exhibitors from abroad and from within the country.

At Expo Solartech Indonesia 2023, CA-Solar was present at booth number A3M4-01 and was present as a solar panel installation specialist with a modular mounting system. CA-Solar certainly applies the Lean concept as the main ingredient in designing CA-Solar products. The modular nature of CA-Solar products allows for quick and easy installation, maintenance, replacement or addition of solar panels. Imagine installing solar panels without welding, without glue or anything else. All you need is just CA-Solar products.

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The CA-Solar team came to Expo Solartech Indonesia 2023 bringing along CA-Solar products which is the modular mounting for solar panels. Products such as Clamp, Joint Bar and Foot Bracket have been installed on the Solar Profile which aims to illustrate the ease of installing solar panels using CA-Solar.

CA-Solar's goal of coming to Expo Solartech Indonesia 2023 was to meet CA-Solar's customers face to face and get to know potential customers. The hope was that potential customers can dig up information about CA-Solar directly and that CA-Solar's relationship with Expo visitors can be established.

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In the Solartech Indonesia 2023 Expo which was held on March 2-4 2023 yesterday, there were many Expo participants who came from abroad and only a few came from within Indonesia itself or in other word local products. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that visitors can compare and look for innovative ideas from many booths, both from abroad and local products so that visitors can get an idea of what is needed for solar panel installation. The drawback is that there are too many Expo participants who came from abroad. Most visitors to the CA-Solar booth said that they were surprised and pleased with CA-Solar providing local products. This is due to global situation that are less stable so there are difficulties in the process of importing products from abroad.

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ISO 9001:2015 certified CA-Solar has assisted customers in providing the most efficient solutions in terms of mounting solar panel mounts. The CA-Solar modular mount can be used on many surfaces such as ground, roof and pole. Consult your needs with CA-Solar for FREE, so we can provide the best solution for your needs.