Blog Guide To Solar Panel Clamps End Clamp VS Mid Clamp

Guide To Solar Panel Clamps End Clamp VS Mid Clamp

Guide To Solar Panel Clamps End Clamp VS Mid Clamp

Solar Panel Mounting Clamps

Solar panel mounting clamps are devices that holds the solar panels onto the mounting. Clamp works by giving solar panels a consistent downward pressure so that the solar panels are sandwiched between the clamps and the mounting bars. Picking a high quality clamps are pivotal to the survival of your solar panels, because a loose clamps can release any pressure that secures your solar panels and most likely would cause your solar panels to fall and damaged.

What Are The Types of Solar Panel Mounting Clamps?

In CA-Solar there are 2 types of solar panel mounting clamps that are based on where they are installed. These clamps are the End Clamp and the Mid Clamp. Judging by their names, it sounded like one is installed on the end and one is installed in the middle, but which end and which middle are we talking about?

CA-Solar Mid Clamps

Mid clamps are installed between 2 solar panels, clamping down both solar panels at once while securing them onto the Solar Profile. A mid clamp requires 1 bolt and 1 t-nut to tighten and secure solar panels onto Solar Profiles. In CA-Solar the bolt and t-nut are already included with every mid clamp purchase so you don’t have to worry about checking the bolt and nut compatibility with our Solar Profile.

CA-Solar End Clamps

Unlike mid clamps, end clamps are placed on the end solar panels. This would means for every row of solar panels, you would have 4 end clamps. 2 end clamps on the left end and the other 2 end clamps on the right end of each solar panel row. An end clamp requires 1 bolt, 1 t-nut, 1 washer and 1 spring washer. Just like mid clamps, you would receive these parts every time you purchase an end clamp.

Why CA-Solar?

CA-Solar provides you with the best quality modular solar panel mounting system. This ensures that your solar panel mounting will last longer than your solar panels and also gives you the scalability of your solar panel installations. CA-Solar products are easy to install, fast to expand and highly reliable.